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ImageK9 Deebo

K9 Deebo says “Stay cool. Stay in school and don't do drugs.”

ImageOfficer Adams

Officer Adams spent two years in the Detective Bureau before the opportunity came up to be a K9 handler. He was teamed up with Deebo in September 2016.

ImageK9 Mitch

K9 Mitch loves visiting with kids at events. His favorite toy is his red Kong.

ImageOfficer Beyerlein

Officer Beyerlein served a Community Police Officer for two years before becoming a K9 handler. He enjoys patrolling the streets with his new K9 partner.

ImageK9 Cigan

K9 Cigan loves to track down bad guys and play ball with his family. Cigan's favorite job at work is tracking.

ImageOfficer Holp

Officer Holp has been a police officer since 2005. He was partnered with Cigan in November 2015.

ImageK9 Canjo

K9 Canjo says “life is a fun adventure. Don’t ruin it by making bad choices. You’re the only one that can make a difference. Whatever your dream is, go for it.”

ImageOfficer Stacer

Officer Stacer has always wanted to work narcotics. When the opportunity came up to be a K9 handler, there was no question what he was to do next.

Board of Directors for SVPCA

Jody Wilk, Executive Director

In January, 2010 several students from Standish-Sterling Central High School were expelled for selling and purchasing prescription drugs. It was that incident that led Jody and her family to propose a fundraising effort to fund a K9 Unit for the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department. Arenac County had gone nearly 10 years without a K9 unit and the drugs were starting to take over the community. On August 1, 2011, their efforts were successful when K9 Sonic joined the department's force. Jody continues to organize annual fundraisers to keep the Arenac K9 Unit funded.

The work she did in Arenac County caught the attention of Bridgeport officials and she soon began working with them on fundraisers to bring a K9 unit to their department. It was a short while later that she teamed up with the Saginaw K9 handlers to help offset their annual expenses and eventually help save their program.

Jody's passion for assisting K9 Units came after her 34 year old brother passed away unexpectedly, less than three months after starting the fundraising in Arenac County. She uses the pain of losing him as a talisman to help provide funding for law enforcement agencies for their K9 units.


Officer Douglas Stacer, Director

In 1998 Officer Stacer joined the City of Saginaw Police Department. Officer Stacer had served in the Patrol Division, the Motor Unit, the Community Policing Unit, and as a Narcotics Detective in the Investigation Unit assigned to the Michigan State Police as a member of the BAYANET team. In 2011 Officer Stacer was selected as a K9 Handler and was sent to receive his initial handler training at Vohne Liche Kennels in Indiana where he was partnered with Canjo.

Canjo and Officer Stacer are currently assigned to the patrol division and are trained in patrol work, tracking and narcotics. Officer Stacer is dedicated to the work he does and has been working to raise funds to help offset the expenses the K9 units incur throughout the year.

Latest Photos

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Officer Stacer, Canjo and Officer Green talk about K9 units at Career Day.
K9 Sonic likes his "Buddy Window."
Officer Wenzell and K9 Kilo visit supporters at the Pancake Breakfast.
Canjo helps Dad wash the truck

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