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ImageK9 Deebo

K9 Deebo says “Stay cool. Stay in school and don't do drugs.”

ImageOfficer Adams

Officer Adams spent two years in the Detective Bureau before the opportunity came up to be a K9 handler. He was teamed up with Deebo in September 2016.

ImageK9 Mitch

K9 Mitch loves visiting with kids at events. His favorite toy is his red Kong.

ImageOfficer Beyerlein

Officer Beyerlein served a Community Police Officer for two years before becoming a K9 handler. He enjoys patrolling the streets with his new K9 partner.

ImageK9 Cigan

K9 Cigan loves to track down bad guys and play ball with his family. Cigan's favorite job at work is tracking.

ImageOfficer Holp

Officer Holp has been a police officer since 2005. He was partnered with Cigan in November 2015.

ImageK9 Canjo

K9 Canjo says “life is a fun adventure. Don’t ruin it by making bad choices. You’re the only one that can make a difference. Whatever your dream is, go for it.”

ImageOfficer Stacer

Officer Stacer has always wanted to work narcotics. When the opportunity came up to be a K9 handler, there was no question what he was to do next.

K9 Kilo Hangs Up the Leash

September 1, 2016 - They began protecting the streets of Saginaw as a team in December of 2010. Countless apprehensions, narcotics finds, article searches and public appearances later, Officer Wenzell and K9 Kilo are hanging up the leash...

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Saginaw Welcomes 2 New K9's!

December 7, 2015 - The Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association is honored to announce that two new K9's have been added to the ranks of the Saginaw Police Department!

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Training the Recruit

July 7, 2015 -  The SVPCA met with Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth to discuss the current status of the Saginaw Police K9 program and ways to grow it. We are excited to announce that we have come to a mutual decision to grow the program from two K9 units to three.

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K9 Sonic Needs a New Car!

June 4, 2014 - When we approached Sheriff Mosciski with the idea to raise money to reinstate the K9 unit, he welcomed it with open arms. The department had a vehicle he designated for the unit and made adjustments with the rest of the fleet to make this work. But the time has come for a much needed new vehicle.

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2014 Goals

2013 came and went in a flash! In 2013, volunteers of the SVPCA participated in more than 35 community events and gave over 450 hours of volunteer time.

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Saginaw Police K9 Shirt Fundraiser

October, 2013 - The Saginaw Police K9 units are selling T-shirts to raise money for their K9 program. Supporters have their choice of black or pink and sizes range from youth to 3XL.

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SVPCA Receives Saginaw Community Foundation Grant

September 27, 2013 – The Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association received a $5,627.97 grant from the Saginaw Community Foundation to provide safety and training equipment to the Saginaw Police Department K9 units.

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WNEM TV5 Tells Our Story

August 27, 2013 - WNEM TV5 spent a couple hours with the SVPCA, the Saginaw Police K9 units and the Arenac County Sheriff K9 unit during training. TV5 had a first hand glimpse of the work these guys do while handling dogs on the street. TV5 reporter, Andrew Keller, even had the opportunity to wear the bite sleeve and feel the force K9 Kilo has.

Read more: WNEM TV5 Tells Our Story


Wysong Sponsors K9 Sonic

July 22, 2013 - The Arenac County K9 unit received word from Wysong that they would provide K9 Sonic with complimentary food, supplements and treats. Wysong has been a tremendous supporter of K9 law enforcement. Not only are they providing for the Midland K9 units, they are providing K9 Canjo from the Saginaw Police with food.

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2013 Country Fest

June 15, 2013 - The SVPCA was graciously offered a free space at the 2013 KCQ Country Fest featuring country music singers Gary Allan, Easton Corbin and Maggie Rose. The space was offered to us after the Flint Salvation Army was unable to attend. The event brought in an estimated 110,000 fans to Ojibway Island in Saginaw.

Officer Stacer, K9 Canjo and Mrs. Stacer meet Gary Allan backstage before the concert.

Read more: 2013 Country Fest



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Officer Stacer, Canjo and Officer Green talk about K9 units at Career Day.
K9 Sonic likes his "Buddy Window."
Officer Wenzell and K9 Kilo visit supporters at the Pancake Breakfast.
Canjo helps Dad wash the truck

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